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My Story...

Updated: Dec 6, 2018

My name is Jonathan Soultatos and I was born and raised in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. My dad

placed a fishing pole in my hand before I even learned how to walk…and honestly, that’s where

my passion for fishing started.

But first let me tell you a little bit about myself. Growing up in affluent Fort Lauderdale, I was

constantly bombarded by the success around me…success that was measured by money. The

thrill of success and fortune pushed me to pursue real estate immediately after high school and

I quickly became successful in everything I did. Despite my success, I continued to compare

myself to others and their material items. I began to believe it wasn’t really how much you

made but more so how much you had and so I began to dig more for material satisfaction…the

fancy car, the condo in Lighthouse Point… in fact, I fully renovated my condo so that everything

was brand new with all the upgrades! I didn’t only spend all the money I was making but I

maxed out my Visa, my MasterCard, my Discover card, and my American Express to have the

things I wanted. This led to a downward spiral of overwhelming debt and it all came crashing

down in the Recession of 2007.

Growing up in a Christian home, like most, I started praying more while I was going through the

financial struggle. The bills continued to rise, and my income continued to decline. I don’t know

if it was a spiritual relationship that already existed or just the way I was raised, but as the

hardship continued I pressed closer and leaned harder on church. 

During this time, I wasn’t the only one struggling. Many around me including the ones in the

real estate firm that I worked for were struggling too. As my real estate firm searched for a

better market, I continued searching for fulfillment and freedom from the financial bondage I

was experiencing. Before I knew it, I found myself in Nashville, TN on a business trip in search

for a better real estate market. While we were on the trip, the broker for our company gave a

proposal for our company to move to Nashville. My immediate thought was “There is no way I

will ever move to Nashville from Ft. Lauderdale.” A strong “NO” was my answer. The last day of

our research trip we went to a local church in Hendersonville, called “Long Hollow”. The love

and compassion I received from the members of the church and Pastor David specifically, was


After I went back home, I found myself in deep thought due to the impact David and the Church

body made on me in just one Sunday. I thought to myself, “You know, if there isn’t anything

else I like about Nashville…at least I would have a great church to be a part of.” After prayer,

preparation and patience about the move, I took a step of faith and found myself living in

Nashville by March 2007. I became debt free by the end of my second year in Tennessee and I

also was able to participate in two medical mission trips to Haiti. I now have a more intimate

and dynamic relationship with the Holy Spirit than I have ever had before, and I’ve recognized

that the more I’m blessed with, the more opportunities I have to bless others.

After moving back to Florida in June 2017, I recognized that I wanted to make my passion for

fishing a full-time career. I wanted people to get to experience the same excitement I had

experienced while fishing as a kid with my dad. I wanted people to feel the weight of their first

sailfish while balancing on a 10-foot aluminum John boat. As I continued to grow my following

online and grow my fishing business, my dad continued to revel in and support me in my


Despite my dad’s struggle with alcohol and depression, fishing was always the link that brought

us together and it was always a way to bring joy to his dark days. Our moments on the back of a

fishing boat are moments that I will never forget...and after his death, are moments I

encourage others to never take for granted. Today, I carry my dad’s fishing legacy by captaining

my own vessel. My goal is to create fishing experiences that captivate the young and old and

minister to those who need joy most.

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