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Bait Is a Charter Captains Life!

Updated: Dec 6, 2018

In the life of being a Charter Captain, Fisherman, Tournament Angler, Avid Angler or an Angler in general its not only important to know where the bait are but more so knowing what bait to use for what Fish!

In this video I show the steps I use to throw a 10ft cast net. I first wrap the cast net rope around my wrist, Humpback Cast nets makes this easy because the rope is "prelooped". Then I coil the rope all the way to the horn leaving no loose line of the cast net. Third I I load the net itself make one full arms length loop of the net itself followed by the next loop taken from approximately waist high. Everything up to this point should be held with the hand opposite of your throwing hand (In this case its my left hand). I then take 1/3 of the net closest to my right hand and rest it over my left shoulder, then I split the remainder of the net 50/50 with the left side handing and the right side in my hand then your fully loaded ready to throw!

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