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How to eat like a local

Updated: Dec 6, 2018

Many people travel to Florida to experience the fishing capital of the world!  While there on these trips, I know from personal experience they don’t only want to understand the fishery, most want to experience the taste of fresh seafood right out of the ocean.  Some people never have this opportunity in their lifetime. While it remains only a dream for many, I can assure you most that are drawn to fishing experience salivate of the thought of having fresh seafood! 

Fishing With Salty makes this an achievable dream, offering  step-by-step instructions and “how to (Catch Clean & Cook) videos!  Captain Salty doesn’t only  Point you in the direction of his videos  but if you book a charter trip with us he Guides you to the fish, Cleans them, bags them and your ready to cook with a recipe provided my Salty himself.

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