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Fishing Charter

Trip FAQ's Answered

What type of boat will you be fishing on?

24 foot Triton LTS powered with a 2019 Yamaha four stroke 250 hp.

How many people can you fit on your boat?

We can take up to 6 paying passengers.

Can we keep the fish that we catch?

Absolutely, any fish within the legal size and time of year according to FWC we are able to keep fish if you would like.

Is cleaning the fish included?

Yes, the Captain will be happy to clean what you can legally Catch to keep.

Do I need a Florida Fishing license? 

No, the Captain pays a yearly fee to cover your fishing license while your on the boat. 

Can we catch fish to keep and eat? 

Targeting fish to eat works best when you have plenty of time so we recommend at least a 6 hour booking, per request in advance. 

Is the Deposit Non-Refundable?

The parties acknowledge that, in consideration of Fishing With Salty into this Agreement, a non-refundable deposit of $125 at the discretion of the Captain.

Do I need to bring my fishing rods?

What is the best time of day to fish?

Morning, afternoon and night have equal possibilities.

Do I have to pay extra for the bait we use?

No, the Captain catches the bait fresh each morning for the trip. 

Do I have to Tip the Guide?

Yes, your Captain will work hard to earn a tip! If you have enjoyed your experience a 20% tip is customary.

We fish Inshore and Nearshore waters. What this means is that we fish up to 9 miles in the Gulf Of Mexico (State Waters) , the bay, the river, and backcountry waterways. Where we fish is chosen by the Captain based on the bite.

How far out can we go?

Is there age restrictions?

We except passengers all ages, four our trips are recommended for children under 12. Any child under the age of 16 needs to be accompanied with one adult. 

I don’t have experience fishing, is that ok?

Yes, we encourage “first timers” to go with a professional to learn the skill of fishing but it is important to communicate this with your Captain.

No, all fishing rods, reels, gear, tackle is provided.

Do you do deep sea offshore fishing trip? 

No I do Not. Because the fishing is fantastic without having to travel out far to catch. My goal is to find the shortest route to the hottest bite! 

Can I book a fishing trip alone? 

Yes, Starting prices are based on 1-2 passengers. Each additional passenger is $100. 

Can I add extra time on my trip?

Yes, it is based on availability, if there is not a booking scheduled after yours you can add time onto your trip it is $100 for each additional hour.

Will I get seasick?

Everyone reacts differently to motion sickness, we never know if someone will experience getting seasick I recommend being proactive. 
Do you say can be avoided in most cases. 

How far in advance should I book my trip?

As soon as possible, availability is limited during the travel months and is recommended to save your spot as soon as you can. Some people book a year in advance for the following year some people book last minute, there is no wrong way you are just more likely to get the day you wish the more in advance you book.

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