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The Brand New Signature Salty hats are in and available for purchase!

Many people asked me why I wear flower hats and I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to explain where the idea from.

Some of you know two years ago I lost my dad to suicide. Before his passing at my parents house in Fort Lauderdale they had a garden of all kids of flowers.

My Dad had a deep appreciation of taking detailed pictures of things and sketching them on paper, he was an artist to say the least. One of my Dad‘s favorite flowers to take detailed pictures of was the hibiscus flowers .

I’m not sure why these flowers were so important to him but because they were important to him they are now important to me, plus I think they look cool .

So when I wear these hats fishing and on my adventures it’s as if I’m bringing a part of who my Dad was along for the ride and it’s a constant reminder while in the pursuit of excellence the details matter.

White Fishing With Salty Hat

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